Dhrumil Dhanesha Invited as a Technology Partner at Galaxy Bazaar Rajkot.

Galaxy bazaar is a social entrepreneurship programme by the students of TGES for the education of the underprivileged. Something that has started with a simple classroom project in the year 2005, project galaxy bazaar has come a long way. During galaxy bazaar we convert the school into a bazaar and sell festival related goods. It is an opportunity for the students to learn Entrepreneurship skills. The profit that is earned is used to support the education of the students who otherwise cannot afford education. In this three day event, we have visitors all across Rajkot which sums up to be more than.10000 visitors and in all more than 600 sponsors who support us throughout the event. We aim to sell innovative products in canopies, tasty and healthy food in the food court and to add many more attractions like spooky Scary House, gangbuster Game zone, creative competitions, and exciting events. Galaxy bazaar is indeed a hub of enjoyment. Dhrumil Dhanesha was proudly a Technology Partner at Galaxy Bazaar. Dhrumil Dhanesha offered Technical support to Galaxy Bazaar.

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